How to Play Dominoqq – How to Play Dominoqq

If you yourself are a novice in playing the game Dominoqq Online Gambling so of course you can see a few steps to play Domino QQ online in this article first. Domino games can certainly be done by anyone. The steps to play are the same for some beginners or professionals, but of course there are many special things about how to play online dominoes. The important thing in this game is where you try to stay calm while playing and don’t have time to rush. hurry up when playing the game inside.

If all of your tricks are used well, of course the name of success in achieving victory will of course be so easy to find. Steps to Play DominoQQ Online for all beginners is certainly not as difficult as you think. Below we will explain a few steps and the way:

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Read Some Tips First

Of course, do not get to where you forget to read a few tips first. By reading the tips of course you will know what needs to be done while playing. A number of services from agen poker indonesia will of course be ready to give help during 24 hours non-stop. Of course it is possible if working together with someone who is smart in playing Domino QQ Online will certainly be able to help you to be able to score victories in domino games later.

Follow the game in stages

Playing on the Domino Online Agent site for facts is one thing that is very fitting for all players who are still beginners. Follow some of the games because where that of course will show a number of awesomeness of all players. Be a smart player when playing in the game Domino Online.

Process at Domino QQ Online Game

The whole game like Domino QQ Online itself is a gambling card game that belongs to some of your opponents. One word like Qiu itself is a word that comes from Chinese which can be concluded with 9 so if Qiu Qiu is meant by 9-9, so for the game it can be said that the winner can find a card with a value of 9-9 unless there is one special card at the hands of several opponents.

For Domino Games, of course there are about 4 special cards

The one named after the special card is the 6 god card type. The highest card value in the Domino QQ game in 28 dominoes must only have 4 cards that can be rounded up to number 6. The second special card is the type of card in which 4 cards are already owned by several players with the type of log. The third special card is a type of pure large card in which 4 cards owned by the player with all of them rounded up become a number 40. The fourth special card is a type of small pure card that is 4 cards that will be rounded up to no more than about 9 circles.


If the game is a tie, of course, victory will be convinced by the highest number of log cards collided. But when there are no logs in the cards that some players get so what will be confirmed to be the winner is the number of rounds which is the highest among all the players playing in the game.

Thus several levels of Steps to Play Domino QQ Online Create Beginners if you make it into one material for tips so of course for later it will be possible for someone who is a professional player and has experience in playing the game Domino QQ Online.